French Fries to Pizza with the TourStriker PlaneMate

Martin Chuck and David Woods came up with a great product.  This is the first of a few blogs using their training aid.  To begin training your swing follow these steps:

1. Setup with some tension on the band.  Here I am using the red band for video purpose.  Would recommend starting with the smaller green pitch shot band.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 6.46.26 PM

2. Move the club back with your turn and keep the tension.  The band and shaft will be in line (left image) like two french fries lined up on a plate.


3. Relax some of the tension but not all of the tension.  This will allow the band to pull the club head a little behind your hands.  This makes a wedge between the shaft and band which I call the pizza.  Make sure to keep the club face tipped slightly over matching your spine.  This will allow the ball to launch straight instead of to the right for a right handed golfer due to an open face.

4. Learn how to move your body and the band to the finish like the below image.  These balls would only carry 30 yards or less with an 8 iron.  Not adding power with the arms and wrists.  Once you can move from the pizza to the finish add a ball and make the same motion.  Do it at a rate you can control the motions before adding a little more speed from the backswing to the finish.

Screen Shot 2019-10-24 at 6.39.29 PM.PNG

Finish checkpoints:  The first image is the correct image.  Notice now the pizza slice has maintained to the finish which means my body was in sync with the club.   The middle image shows a club that had some energy added or the body motion was out of sync allowing the pizza to turn back into french fries.  That right photo shows that too much energy was added with the arms/wrists and the club head had too much speed.  As the club head increased in speed the body did not pace the club and the band went under the hands.  If the right two images come out slow it down, go through the motions without the ball until the left image appears, then add back the ball.  Keep reducing the speed until the left image appears then you can slowly speed up the motion.  When it breaks down slow it down and start again.


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