Bryan Pate has been a student of the game for many years, is AimPoint Certified, and is returning to Phoenix, AZ for the season with the Tour Striker Golf team. In the Summer months he is the Director of Instruction at Martis Camp, an ultra premium golf club in Truckee, California.

Bryan stays verse in all areas of the game in order to coach students to their full potential with many mentors.  A few are: Dana Dahlquist, James Ridyard, Andy Plummer, Andrew Rice, David Orr, Martin Chuck, Mario Bevilacqua, Dr. Kwon, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, and may more.  Bryan attends a handful of educational opportunities each year and continues to learn by shadowing top instructors.

Accreditations: Dana Dahlquist Certified, WedgeMatrix Certified, Kwon Level ll, Stack & Tilt Network, Forces & Motion Workshop, and more.

Awards: 2018 Northern California PGA Section Fitter of the Year.

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