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November-April I am coaching at The Raven Golf Club in Phoenix, Arizona with the TourStriker Team. During the summer months I will be coaching in Tahoe, CA.  Unfortunately outside lessons are not allowed during the summer months.

With that being said come visit for an in-person lesson during the winter months in AZ or there are also more options for me to help you improve your game year round form where you live: Online Membership Site with hours of videos, Online Lessons, and you can also find me on the Skillest app.

Thank you for visiting my site, Bryan Pate, PGA

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Bryan Pate has been a student of the game for many years and stays up to date on the latest findings from top instructors and biomechanics. He has assisted with many Tour Striker Golf Schools and is the Director of Instruction at Martis Camp, an ultra premium golf club in Truckee, California in the summer months. His progress as a Coach and communicator has progressed exponentially over the past seven years with influences from Dana Dahlquist, Jeff Smith, Dr. Sasho MacKenzie, James Ridyard, David Orr, and many more. From long game to the shortest putts, he’ll help you understand and improve your technique.  

Bryan is also AimPoint level 1 certified, Capto Level 2, James Ridyard WedgeMatrix Level 3, Dana Dahlquist Certified, Kwon Level 2, S&T Network.

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