Split Grip Drill

Wanted to share one of my favorite drills.  By using a PVC pipe you can train the wrists and body for a new motion.  Below in the side by side photo you can see the PVC started at a 45* angle then went flatter to the ground.  The left wrist twisted adding more bend, the trail wrist bent back, and the trail arm went external.


That is a little different than taking the top end and throwing it out the the ball.  With the long PVC you would impale yourself trying to do this move.  This more is needed in some swings to help square a face that is too open.  By adding the twist it helps train the transition moves needed to help square up the face sooner so it can start trailing the grip.


Here is with a driver in hand.  Just so you know the lead wrist in the left photo would not to be so bent if the grip was a little stronger.  The goal is to train the lead wrist going into flexion and the trail wrist going towards extension from the top to roughly shaft parallel.  By splitting the grip it is harder to make the right move and take the club head to the ball.


Click here to watch the YouTube video