Toss the Club Drill

The golf swing is like a circle that is a little squished and titled on an angle.  In this sport it is one of a few sports where the object ball is sitting on the ground and not moving around.  With it just sitting there waiting for use to tell it what to do through the club face and swing circle there is a lot of time for us to think before the shot.  Also because the ball is sitting on the ground students take it as that is the object to hit instead of making their swing directed out in front of them where the ball is trying to go too.  The ball just gets in the way of the club face as we swing it around us.

Here is a good drill to get you feeling the weight of the club and reacting to the club in transition out towards the target instead of down in to the ground.  Take the club in your trail hand up to shoulder height behind you.  Grip the club with your thumb and index finger with the club head on top of the grip (shown below).  From here the club will feel light and you can balance the club head on top of the grip.  Where some people go through this position and let the club head tip out towards the ball then try and react to something that wants to crash into the ground we want to let the club fall behind us away form the ball at the start.

screen shot 2019-01-14 at 8.48.55 am

From there you will feel the weight of the club head move behind you and with that the body can respond and through the club out to the range.  You don’t need to actually through the club and can hold on a little after you passed the ball.  I did this one at the 0:43 mark of the YouTube video.   The idea is as the club is falling behind without much pressure on the grip you can feel where the club head is at instead of trying to control where it is going.  The club will feel back behind the trail hand, coming in lower under the hand, putting some stress into the back of the trail wrist, get your trail arm more into a side arm action instead of a push position, and get the body rotating.  Below you can see two stills and where the club head is at and going as the body is turning.  The eyes did not stay down, the body got taller, the trail knee turned towards the target, pressure moved into the lead heel, and much more.  All this from a simple drill of stand the club up vertical, hold it with 2 fingers, feel the club head fall behind, respond to that and toss the club out in front of you.IMG_1638.JPG

In the upper left photo you can see the club face is starting to look at the ball, the club is still inside the target/ball line, and lower to the ground.  This is all great stuff for shallow strikes with a path in to out for high launching, draw bias, shots.  From there everything is going out toward the target and the forces will pull you into a finish.  It is near impossible to finish on your back foot and not tall on your lead side rotated to the target like below.

Screen Shot 2019-01-14 at 9.03.33 AM.png

CLICK HERE for the YouTube video.  Show you the club toss from down the line and face on then hit a ball showing you the similarities in this drill and a full shot.