Does your 60* always spin the most?

In a previous post about Spin Loft we discussed how it helps reduce or increase spin.  In this post lets take a look at a real world scenario from a player during a lesson as we were working on the flighted wedge shot.  Lets take a look at 2 different Spin Lofts (Dynamic Loft + Attack Angle) with clubs traveling the same speed into contact.

Had the player hit a few shots with both their 55* and 60* wedge.  Below images are from the Foresight Quad. The Attack Angle from both clubs are descending about the same amount.  Next number would be the clubs dynamic Loft angle for each club.  Here is where it differs due to just changing the tool.  Both clubs had a reduction of loft from the static loft of just over 8* due to shaft lean.  

Lower Spin Loft (53.2*) from the 56*
Higher Spin Loft (57.0*) from the 60*

There is a sweet spot for spin creation.  Some coaches and myself call this “Spin Mountain”.  The above shots were hit off a tightly mown dry patch of grass to help reduce the interference.  At 53.2* in Spin Loft the 56* was on the verge of losing friction and was at the top of the mountain.  At 57* in Spin Loft the 60* fell off the other side of the mountain and lost all friction.  Notice how the launch angle went up and spin reduced with the 60* wedge.  Good distance wedge players launch their ball between 25* and 30*.  Above 30* the ball starts to launch higher, lose friction, and become more deflected like in a flop shot causing the ball speed to drop.

Poor wedge players are usually launching their wedges too high.  As the ball launches higher it comes off the club with less spin as well as ball speed.  Players start to see the ball come up shorter and shorter then typically try swing harder and hard to make up the distance loss.  The result is poor contact and the ability to control the launch window.  The lesson here is to find a wedge you can control the strike in order to gain control over the launch window, carry distance, and get a ball into the spin window.  Not everyone can do this with their 60* and I am one of them.  My flight and distance control is better with a 56* wedge.  Some players may need to drop down to their gap wedge.  

Lesson is to go see your local teaching pro and get on a launch monitor.  Play with some different clubs and see what allows you to produce the desired flight your looking for.  They will also be able to help adjust any technique issue that you may have that is hindering you from flighting your wedges.

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