Optimizing the Driver

Using your current speed are your optimizing your driver? Here is the YouTube channel with more info on swing direction and a driver drill to help change the swing direction and attack angle: CLICK HERE

Let’s take a look at a scenario.  Below is a photo from a students initial TrackMan driver assessment numbers to see what we were starting with.  You will see the student had good club speed at 101.5mph but as you start lookin at the rest of the numbers the club was traveling excessively left, down 7.7*, which created a swipe across the ball.  That projected the ball out with a lot of curve to the right with 35.3* spin axis.  The larger away form 0 the larger the curve.  That glancing blow created a lot of spin at 7602 rpm.  Photo below :


Let’s take that same swing speed with a different player.  Here is a close swing speed at  almost 98mph.  The club path was traveling almost straight at 1* to the right, attack angle was up 3.2*.


Presented dynamic loft was less at impact on the second scenario and closer to the attack angle for a difference of 13.2 vs the first scenario of 27.8*.  The larger the difference in the spin loft the more the spin.  See previous blog about Spin Loft. Remember we want a high launching lower spinning driver shot so it gets max carry and can still roll out depending on what it lads on.  Look at the difference of carry between.  A full 82 yards of carry and 90.8 yards!!!  That is a long ways for swinging 3mph slower.

Here is an image showing the differences of optimal numbers for hitting up vs down on a ball and the corresponding carry/total numbers form TrackMan.  Remember if you are swinging above 100mph.. maybe 110mph you can get away with a level or slightly down attack.  You will give up carry distance but the ball is traveling far enough that getting the ball on the ground sooner will help your accuracy.  Overall height and landing angle will be reduced.  The yardage you are giving up might be worth saving 1 or 2 more clubs into the green for a ball to get out of the air sooner.  If you are swinging that fast your swing speed is higher than the average golfer and you hit your irons longer as well.