Right Arm in the Short Game

What does the right arm do in pitching? This article covers shots within 30 yards. Could go further out with a less lofted club before the motion turned more into a full swing motion. Read below or watch the new YouTube video walking you through a 30 yard wedge shot: YouTube Video

The best wedge players use their body to deliver the club. If the body is not participating, you’re trying to help the ball in the air, or swinging down too long into the ground chipping is tough. In the below photo you can see setup on the left photo that the elbows are soft. At impact the chest has turned more and the right arm is bent more than at setup.

Below is the 3D numbers using 4D Motion System to capture the swing. You will see the right arm started at 30* and at impact it returned with more bend at 41*. This is due to the chest rotating and delivering the club into the ball instead of the body not turning through and the right arm straightening in order to get to the ball.

Click Here for a clip out of the full length video for a drill that will help increase the turn in-order for the right arm to become softer and less of a driving force. It is called the Furyk Drill. This was taught to me by James Ridyard during his WedgeMatrix training.