old Yearly Digital Online Lesson Package

2 Digital Lessons a Month for 1 Year

This is a great offer to help you improve your game throughout the year. 2 videos a month is enough to keep you on track as you practice and play throughout the year.


Looking for help on your full swing, short game, bunker, or putting stroke but do not live in Phoenix? You can send in a down the line and face on video of your swing for feedback. Purchase an online lesson for you, a friend, or family member and receive some guidance. You will get back a video of what you are doing and what to work on in practice to make the most of your time.

For the best videos have your phone on a steady surface or tripod and use SlowMotion.  Try to get the angles to match the photo above with the camera height matching the yellow dot and an alignment rod on the ground for reference on where you are going.

Along with the videos write a brief description of what is happening and what you want to have happen.  What is causing you the most strokes on the course.  Example is: My ball starts low left and goes left or My ball starts right and curves too much left and I would like to see my golf ball starts ____ and curve Right or Left.

Once purchased send videos to Bryan or fill out the below boxes:

More detail on where I like to see the camera placement:
Down the Line (DTL): Camera on toe line, sternum height (yellow dot), and the body would be in the middle of the frame.
Face On (FO): Camera at a 90* angle to your stance line and in front of the sternum. Body would be in the middle of the frame.