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Paid Member Subscription login, out, etc.

“Paid Member Subscriptions comes with a list of shortcodes that you can use right away:

    • Free Access to blogs and YouTube Channel Video List.
      Unlimited video uploads on the CoachNow platform. This allows you to be in contact 24/7. I usually get back to the video in the same day with a voice over, live video of myself demonstrating, or both. You will be billed $100 per month until you cancel the subscription.
      Each week a set of 3-4 videos will be released to build on the previous information. Videos will cover many topics including: starting grip, setup, body movement, center strike from Toe to Heel and vertically form Top to Bottom, increasing length of swing, improving with challenge points, and a routine to do all of this consistent. After those videos there are many more more videos released each week on driving, iron play, putting, making changes, playing the game, and many more videos. This way you will be able to watch the videos, digest the videos, and have time to understand them before the next videos release. Thank you or the support. I am a one man band and trying to make the program the best I can. Unfortunately the program I am using does not allow me to hide the following weeks lists so they are visible but when you click on them it says not available until you reach that week. You will be billed a one time $50 to unlock the videos for the year. Each week a new video group will be released to you until all videos are released.
      This plan unlocks all of the monthly member videos at once for one year from subscription date. After the year you would need to sign up again to continue to have access. Videos will be added throughout the year.
      You have selected a Group Membership. After a successful payment you will be able to invite up to %s additional members.

      Select a Payment Method

      No payment methods are available for the selected subscription plan.
      Applying discount code. Please wait...
    • Credit / Debit Card Information

     – Generates a Registration form that allows users to purchase your Subscription Plans
  •  – Generates a Login Form
  •  – Displays the Front End Logout Text and Link
  •  – Generates the Account Form that allows the users to manage their information and Subscription Plans
  • Please enter your username or email address.
    You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

     – Generates the Recover Password Form
  • You must be logged in to view this content. – Restricts content inside a post or a page so you can have content that’s protected and content that’s not protected in the same page
  •  – Adds a Front End Table with the Member’s Payment History
  •  – Lets you generate a direct link to an action (retry payment, renew etc.)”