Member Full Swing Videos

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Full Swing Videos

Backswing Step Drill

Downswing Step Drill

Transition Step Drill

Rope Swings : Sequence

PlaneMate: Frys to Pizza

PlaneMate: Checkpoints

PlaneMate: Finish

PlaneMate: Trail Arm

Shadow Drill (Feedback)

Hip Tilts in Backswing

Open Trail Hand (Drill)

Trail Arm (Drill)

Lead Arm Depth @ P3

Smart Ball (Training Aid)

TourStriker Educator (Aid)

Split Grip Drill (Shallow/Face)

MedBall Backswing Drill

Trail Arm Only Drill

TourStriker Power Click

Shoe Choice and its Effects

Elbow Plane Reference

Rotate to Balance

Club Fall then Throw

Extended Alignment Rod Drill

Shoulder Tilt Drill w/Rope

Start Line & Curve Drill

Hip/Shoulder Tilts (Drill)

TS Educator Over/Under Drill

Ball Speed > Club Speed

Driver Attack Angle Drill

Wrist Training w/Mobile Device 

Finger Pressure

Flighted Shots (Wind)

Trail Foot Pressure Movement

Club Head on the Hands (P2)

Run up & Jump Back Idea

Step Back Drill

Stenson Drill : P1 to P2

Don’t Keep Your Head Down

Setup: Distance From Ball

Lead Arm Depth

Backswing: Hip/Shoulder Tilts

Backswing: Loading

Downswing: Pressure Shift


Solid Strike Explained

Thin/Fat Shots Explained

Thin Shots Explained

Under That One Explained

Club Too Low

Practice/Primer Swing

Club Height Control

Failing = Learning

Contact: Low Point

Contact: Strike, Low Point

Extension in the Swing

Club COM : Balance Point

Club Shaft Pitch at Top

Lead Wrist

Ball Position, Stance Width

90/90: Cornerstone Drill

Backswing Chat

Setup Preferences

Shallowing the Shaft

Grip : In the Fingers

Grip : Thumbs

Driver Setup/Motion


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Video Name

Video Name

Putting Videos

Putting Acceleration

Creating a Baseline Stroke

Adjusting Baseline Storke

Pencil Drill : Setting Eyes

Start Line Drill: Dime

Break, Speed, Line Options

Chopsticks Drill

Radius : Alignment Rod

Putter Rail : Capto

Green Reading & Feedback

Ball Line : Setting Eyes

Startline Drill: Yardstick

AimPoint Speed Strip

Dunigan Speed Stick

Speed: Stopping the Ball

Creating More Backswing Turn

Use Your Body

Fly Catcher: Sequence Drill

Shark Drill (Lead Arm/Body)

Lead Arm Only Drill

Trail Leg in Backswing

Training the Right Arm

P1 to P2 Takeaway

What is Stuck?

Grips Effect on Club Face

Light to Heavy Drill

Practice Station Setup

Practice Station Setup Full

Around the clock



Assessing the Lie

Speed Box: Stopping the Ball

Speed: Leap Frog Drill

Start Line: Ruler

Start Line & Speed Control

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Video Name

Video Name

Video Name

Video Name

Video Name

Video Name

Wedge Videos

Orange Whip Wedge (Aid)

PlaneMate: 3 R’s for Bump/Run

Grip Travel Drill

Fly Catcher: Sequence Drill

Arc Height Control Drill

Attack Angle Drill

Trail Arm Only Drill

Creating Spin: SpinLoft

Distance Control Drill

Right Arm Role

Furyk Drill



Launch Angle

Bounce/Shaft Lean

Up/Down Performance Game

Assessing the Lie

Landing Zone

Wrist/Forearm Motion

Wedge Practice Station

Distance Control

Baseline Wedge Shot

40y Stock Shot

Hierarchy: Easy First 

Bunker Videos

Fairway Bunker 

Feedback is in the Sand

Sandcastle Depth Control Drill

Entry Point is Key

Splash the Line Drill

Bunker Technique Face On

Bunker Swing Technique

Fairway Bunker Shot

Bunker Setup Down the Line

Bunker Setup

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Video Name

Video Name

Video Name

Video Name

Video Name

Gears Videos

TourStriker Educator

TS Educator Over/Under

TourStriker PlaneMate


TourStriker Smart Ball

TS PowerClick Lead Wrist

TS Power Click Trial Wrist

TourStriker Impact Strap

Shank/Slice vs Solid

Good Club Delivery

What Causes a Shank?

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Video Name

Video Name

Video Name

Warmup Videos

Full 9min Warmup

Fallow Along 5 min Warmup

Warmup Video

Setting up a Practice

Video Name

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Video Name

Video Name

Routine Videos

Pre-Shot Routine

Execution or Action 

Post Shot/ Member Box

Failing = Learning